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YOUR look and design

Upon a review of the web functionality needed for your business - a program specific site-map will be created within our Update On-the-NetTM content management system using our module structure.  Your website will be custom designed and fabricated by our team. 

MEDPresent Conference

Online registration and secure login are just part of our modular design that also offers:

  • custom surveys,
  • custom graphics for sponsor identification,
  • private scheduling areas,
  • personalized user areas,
  • polling and more.With our simple add-on modules you can add these relevant content vehicles as needed.

You can keep your audience interested and informed with this full featured system that allows you to make changes simply and cost effectively in real time.

In addition, our Meetings On-the-NetTM suite of communications services can be utilized and tracked through your website.  These services allow you to enable specialized modules within the Update On-the-NetTM back end to access our Present On-the-NetTM LIVE meeting web conference services, our Broadcast On-the-NetTM ARCHIVE streaming programs, and our Forum On-the-NetTM interactive MESSAGE BOARD communities.

initial set-up | modules

You don't have to do this alone.  The Birchwood Group team is with you through creation and design, development, implementation and then for guidance and support on an ongoing basis.Your graphic look and design are integrated into our content managed back end...Set-up and ready to go!

content managed web pages
to include:
    - 10 web pages with editable page content [text, graphics, photos,styles Flash elements, etc.]
    - multiple column formatting
    - menu options
    - sub-pages
    - header and footer links
    - repeating content blocks
    - links
    - image upload area with image library
    - meta data and site settings
    - database driven reporting- through Update On the Net back end
    - automatic email notification

main menu functionality 
up to 6 menu items “buttons” leading to inner content pages

header and footer links
at the top and bottom of every page standard links t home, contact us, privacy statement, sitemap

contact us module  
a link and/or button  to a customized form for people wishing to contact your company. They simply fill out basic information and hit send. Then automatically…

    - a thank you page is displayed
    - a personalized email confirmation is sent to the person making the inquiry
    - an email notification is sent to your web administrator
    - and the information is stored in your sites contact us database in a retrievable report

Time Zone finder
An independent Time Zone finder - a tool stand alone look up of pertinent time zone information .

The Birchwood team works with you as additional modules are set-up, integrated into your website, become functional and you are trained in their use.

Website examples

Website examples using Update On the Net backend management system.

Jefferson Forum
Jefferson Co-Op
Lincoln Ave Auto

McCarthy & Jennerich
McCarthy & Jennerich

Med Forum
MED Forum

Rutherford Forum
Rutherford Forum


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