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Update On the NetTM  Demo site. 

This site will allow you to see our backend Content Management System in action. This site is the front end of the demo.  The back end is available for you to review as you explore our content management system (CMS) Update On the NetTM

[You are looking at a standard content section fully editable through our back end in real time.]  

You will need to become a registered user of this website in order to review all the elements of the content management system in real time. Upon completion of your registration we will contact you to set up a comprehensive hands on demo at Update On the NetTM .

Please register or login using the menu at the left.

To learn more about this service please click More Info or Contact Us from the top menu. We also invite you to call us at The Birchwood Group 201.935.6047.

What is Update On the NetTM?
  • Update On the NetTM - is a business development tool (a Content Managment System) that gives you a professional presence on the Internet, that works!

  • Update On the NetTM - will give access to a professional and efficient Web Content Management System.

  • Update On the NetTM - is actually one very large, powerful tried and tested website tool, and you only pay for what you need.  This means a much lower cost compared to that of having an individually developed professionally comparable website.

  • Update On the NetTM - offers the option to scale the cost and the functionality, up or down very quickly, so reducing the risks involved in having a professional website.

  • Update On the NetTM - allows you to do changes and updates very easily and very quickly, and at no additional cost.

  • Update On the NetTM - is a system that is very quick to set up and can be ready to start taking content and pictures within weeks. Website design for your business is part of our process.

  • Update On the NetTM - has its own dynamic database built into its' backbone and so it is able to collect and export information, take orders, personalise literature, use e-commerce and automate marketing.  All on-line and all for the purpose of generating business.

  • Update On the NetTM - helps you integrate the Internet and business development in a way that just has not been affordable before.

  • Update On the NetTM  - can be used as the upgrade platform for an existing on line presence, so protecting any investment already made

  • Update On the NetTM creates a significant competitive edge and is quick to generate results.

  • Update On the NetTM - is the next step towards the future of your business.

Update On-the-Net Features

The Update On-the-Net system gives you or your associates the ability to manage the content of your entire website easily. No programs to buy just use your browser.

We offer you a simple way to create a customized Internet presence for your products and programs. Back end modules such as: 

  • contact me,
  • send-to-a-friend,
  • polling,
  • form creation,
  • information gathering, and
  • secure registration capabilities

are coupled with online reporting, email integration for ease of use of all elements.

This means a much richer experience for users - every page can contain up-to-date news articles pertaining to the current progam, new product information, overall company advancements ...
anything that is relevant to your changing situation. 

In addition, through your web portal you can have access to an integrated suite of enhanced communications tools for your target markets.

  • Live meeting rooms for e-seminars,
  • archived program webcasts, and
  • an information repository at our message board communities.

We invite you to Contact Us using the menu at the top of the page or feel free to call 201-935-6047 to obtain futher information.


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